Daniel Snyder resists the subpoena, the House Oversight Committee says

Daniel Snyder resists the subpoena, the House Oversight Committee says

Daniel Snyder resists the subpoena, the House Oversight Committee says

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The committee said Monday that Daniel Snyder, the owner of Washington’s commanders, has refused to accept a subcommittee’s request for oversight and reform.

Committee chairwoman Caroline B. Maloney (DN.Y.) announced during a hearing at the commanders’ workplace on Capitol Hill on Wednesday that she would force Snyder to make a statement this week. Testified through.

“Mr. Snyder has so far refused to accept the committee’s sub-request service,” a committee spokesman said in a statement Monday. “While the Committee is prepared to consider the appropriate accommodations requested by witnesses, and remains, we will not tolerate attempts to evade the service of a legally authorized sub-application or with other witnesses in this case. Witnesses did not behave in a special way. “

In discrediting the House panel, Daniel Snyder may have increased his legal risk

A person close to Snyder said his lawyer began appearing to the committee on Friday. The committee asked her lawyer, Karen Patton Seymour, if she could accept the subpoena service, but she refused because she was out of the country. The parties discussed issues beyond the sub-request on Monday, including additional concerns, but no decision has been made on the submission of the documents.

“Mr. Snyder has not declined to comment,” a spokesman for Snyder said in a statement. “The committee has only proposed one date – June 30 – and Mr Snyder’s lawyer is out of the country and is not available on that date. Looking to find a way to reach you.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell testified at length at last week’s hearing. Snyder declined to testify, even after being asked to reconsider by Maloney. His lawyer pointed to issues of fair and equitable process, with a timetable dispute related to Snyder’s business commitment abroad.

Maloney rejected the arguments that Snyder had provided for refusing to testify. “Mr. Schneider is not accountable,” she said during the hearing. “His refusal to testify sends a clear message that he is more concerned with self-preservation than with the American people.”

Goodell said during the hearing that he had “no responsibility” for Snyder’s decision to testify.

“It’s not my choice,” Goodell told the committee, under Maloney’s questioning. “It’s his choice.”

Daniel Snyder conducted a “shadow investigation” of the allegations, the panel found

The committee concluded in an investigation that Snyder and members of his legal team conducted a “shadow investigation” and set up a “dossier” targeting former team members, their lawyers and journalists to substantiate his allegations. Defamed and changed accusations after allegations of widespread misconduct. In the team workplace.

Republicans on the committee expressed their disgust with Snyder, the commanders, and the NFL’s Democratic-led investigation. During a sharp exchange with Maloney during Wednesday’s hearing, Rap. “What is the purpose of this hearing?” Said Bayern Donald (R-Fla.).

Congress could accuse Snyder of insulting him if he did not comply with the subpoena.

Snyder could try to pass the Democrats hour if he resists the testimony for too long and the Republicans control the House – and therefore the Committee – based on the results of the November midterm elections in January.

“In January, if Republicans withdraw from the House, Republican observers have no plans to continue their investigation into Washington’s commanders, and the committee will begin its initial investigation into the roots of corruption, fraud and abuse in the federal government.” Return to mission. ” Austin Hacker, a spokesman for the Republican Committee, said in a statement last week.

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