China Zero Kwid: Xian closed again as the country found the first cases of the new Omicron subtype BA.5.2

China Zero Kwid: Xian closed again as the country found the first cases of the new Omicron subtype BA.5.2

China Zero Kwid: Xian closed again as the country found the first cases of the new Omicron subtype BA.5.2

The city recorded 18 infections from Saturday to Monday, all of which are subdivisions of Omicron BA.5.2, according to local disease control officials.

BA.5.2 is a subgenus of BA.5, which is already dominant in the United States and appears to be escaping the antibody reaction between the two people who have already been infected with Covid-19 and who, according to researchers, are completely Vaccinated and developed.

This is the first time a subtype has been reported in China, one of the last places in the world to still adhere to a strict zero-quad policy.

On Tuesday, Xi’an authorities announced extensive restrictions that would close parts of the city for seven days from Wednesday.

Recreational, sports and cultural venues, including bars, cinemas, gyms, libraries and museums, were closed; Restaurant meals and large gatherings postponed from weddings to conferences City official Zhang Jiaodong told a news conference on Tuesday that all places of worship were closed and religious activities were prohibited.

Kindergartens and primary and secondary schools were ordered to begin summer vacations soon, while universities were told to close their campuses, according to Zhang.

Authorities also closed nine residential neighborhoods classified as “high-risk areas”, prohibiting residents from leaving their communities.

“The seven-day temporary control measures are to silence the community as much as possible, reduce mobility … and the risk of cross-infection,” Zhang said.

The announcement caused a stir among some Xi’an residents, many of whom recall the city’s monthly strict search chaos between December and January.

During this city-wide search, the constant flow of complaints about food shortages, as well as the disturbing scenes of critically ill patients – including many pregnant women – the denial of medical care across the country is shocking and shocking. Caused anger.
On Tuesday night, photos and videos posted by Xi’an residents on social media showed a large number of passengers outside the train station – many large bags and suitcases – rushing out of the city.
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Residents in the city’s Changan district have been ordered to conduct mass quad tests from midnight on Wednesday to 6am. They are only allowed to leave their community, enter public places and use public transport after taking the test, according to the government’s notice.

As of Wednesday, Xian had reported 29 local infections.

Meanwhile in Shanghai, authorities on Tuesday ordered mass testing for 16 of its 12 districts, in response to a few new infections related to the karaoke bar.

Although the financial center lifted a month-long lockout from its 25 million residents in June, it is still subject to quorum restrictions ranging from repeated testing to targeted closures.

The city reported 24 locally cowardly-19 transfer cases as of Wednesday.

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