California Covid Test Positiveness Close to Record Levels and Still Rising – Deadline

California Covid Test Positiveness Close to Record Levels and Still Rising – Deadline

California Covid Test Positiveness Close to Record Levels and Still Rising – Deadline

On Dec. 15, as the original Omicron waves gained serious momentum, California reorganized the statewide indoor mask mission. Public Health Department official Thomas Argon said the move is “adding a layer of reduction as an omecron type, a type of concern labeled by the World Health Organization, has spread to California, the United States and the world and more.” Published more easily than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and delta type.At that time, the state 7-day average test positive was 2.6%.


Today, the state is beset by another type of anxiety called BA.5, a sub-line thought to have grown at least four times that of the original Omicron since December. CDC data show that as of last weekend, BA.5 and sister sub-BA.4 accounted for about 68% of new cases in the region, mainly made up of California, Arizona and Nevada. BA.5 accounts for most of these cases and looks set to roll out all other types in the coming weeks.


California’s current 7-day test positive rate is 16.7%. This gives the dubious pride of having the second highest rate of test positivity this summer increase the state has seen during the plague. This is the second highest level of omkron waves since last winter. And it is still rising.

Since the growth rate of BA.5 is largely due to its ability to prevent the protection provided by the previous infection and – to some extent – from the protection provided by the vaccine, the state cannot rely on the vaccine. Calculate as can be done with the original Omicron. Waves

What’s more, the three most relevant metrics for health officials – hospital and ICU beds taken by those infected with covidar and the average number of daily coyote deaths – are already much higher than before Christmas.

The director of public health in the state’s most populous county, Los Angeles, said yesterday that he expects her county to move to the CDC’s “high” level of cowardice next week as a result of the growing numbers. If LA stays in this category for 14 days, the county will re-implement the mask mission in public places.


Across the state, 58 of California’s 35 countries have similarly designed by the CDC. A few of them have talked about reorganizing masking. Neither has the state.

A clear spot in the situation of the area is reduced with closer inspection.

The cases reported last month, while growing steadily, have not risen nearly as much as they did in December. The problem is that the reported test results have dropped dramatically since December because many Californians use kits at home, the results of which have not been captured in official reporting.

Because of this, White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jah told Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News Last night, “There’s no question in my mind that we’re losing the vast majority of infections right now.”

Even with limited trial reporting, the number recorded in California today – 13,000 new cases – is 44% higher than the nearly 9,000 cases already reported on Dec. 15 last year. This, combined with the Golden State sky-high test positivity and the very similarity, does not bode well.

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