Boris Johnson: The Sue Gray report “Partygate” was published after months of speculation

Senior civil servant Sue Gray, who drafted the report, said the “top leadership at the center” of the Johnson administration “must take responsibility” for a culture that has allowed many parties to take place.

He added that there was “no excuse for any behavior” he investigated, which in at least one case involved “excessive alcohol consumption” and saw a staff member vomiting from excessive alcohol consumption.

A photo of Johnson picking up a can of beer at a birthday party in his honor was included in the envelope, along with more pictures of Johnson at another event.

The report investigated 16 incidents that took place at the heart of the government while the UK was living under strict Covid-19 restrictions.

Gray also found that Johnson attended a garden party in May 2020 for about half an hour, which was attended by about “30-40 people.”

Email exchanges also surfaced, including some where staff were asked to avoid “wandering around waving wine bottles” while the media was in the building and keeping quiet at rallies during a Covid-19 press conference.

An invitation to a garden party that Johnson was pictured attending told staff about “social drinks” in the Downing Street garden, open to “whoever is in your office.”

“You could also suggest that they bring their own drink! I’m not sure we will have enough,” said the email from Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s chief private secretary, according to the report. The next day, Reynolds noted that the media had not reported on the party, writing to a colleague: “It looks like we missed it.”

And Gray hinted that Downing Street officials were reluctant to provide information about the parties, writing: “It is also unfortunate that details of certain events became known to me and my team only through media coverage. This is disappointing . “

Johnson’s term has been derailed by the months-long scandal dubbed “Partygate” by the British media. He initially denied any wrongdoing, but 16 were subsequently investigated by Gray, 12 were questioned by police and Johnson himself was fined by police for attending one.

On the eve of the publication of the report, ITV News published photos of Johnson raising a glass with several of his colleagues at a retirement event in November 2020, when indoor mixing was banned.

Johnson is scheduled to address the House of Commons later Wednesday. Some lawmakers in his own Conservative party have joined calls for the opposition to step down in recent weeks and now he must persuade his colleagues to stand by him despite the masses of allegations and Gray’s conviction.

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