Biden to keep Iranian Revolutionary Guards on terrorist list, Israel claims | Iran nuclear deal

US President Joe Biden has decided not to remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps from the US list of foreign terrorists, according to the Israeli prime minister, dealing a severe blow to the chances of reviving the Iranian nuclear deal.

In a statement, Naftali Bennett said he had been informed by Biden that he would not back down from Iran’s demand that the IRGC’s terrorist regime be lifted.

“I commend the US Government, led by my friend President Joe Biden, for their commitment to [IRGC] in the place they deserve – in the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) “, said Bennett.

“President Biden is a true friend of Israel who is committed to his strength and security.… This is the right, ethical and right decision of President Biden, who informed me of this decision during our last conversation. I thank him for that. “

The Iranian negotiators had made it clear that the lifting of the terrorist regime was a precondition for a return to talks, and it is difficult to see how the talks can be revived in the short term.

Iran’s nuclear deal was negotiated in 2015, but after the Trump administration resigned in 2018, Biden pledged to negotiate terms for the return of the Americans. The more than a year-long talks in Vienna had seen the United States negotiate indirectly, agree on the terms of the return and the steps Iran would have to take to comply again. Most of the sanctions imposed on Iran would have been lifted.

The issue of IRGC status and sanctions on the organization has been one of the latest issues.

U.S. officials say the IRGC designation was never technically part of the nuclear deal itself, and that the designation relates to the wider IRGC conduct in the region rather than to the nuclear deal. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Yemen. . In recent weeks, Qatar has taken the lead in the behind-the-scenes negotiations and is privately urging Biden to go further.

According to some diplomats, Biden felt he could not remove the label of terrorism so close to the November midterm elections.

Washington has not confirmed that it has made a decision on the IRGC.

State Department spokesman Ned Price was asked in a daily briefing Monday whether he would confirm that Biden had decided not to remove the IRGC from the list of appointments.

He said he would not comment on the matter, but that it could not be considered part of the Vienna talks. “The talks in Vienna focused exclusively on the nuclear issue,” Price said. “If Iran seeks to discuss issues that are not relevant to the nuclear deal itself, that is a discussion we are ready to have, but, of course, Iran will have to make concessions on its own.” Iran has repeatedly said that the issue of designation should be part of the talks.

A senior IRGC official was shot dead Sunday, prompting Iran to vow revenge. Israel has reportedly been involved in a series of assassinations of Iranian officials, but Tehran has not yet directly blamed the attack.

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The US special envoy for Iran, Robert Maley, is scheduled to testify in Congress on Wednesday, asking if the issue of characterization means the substantive end of the talks and if so, how the US plans to pursue non-proliferation in area.

It also makes it less likely that Westerners with dual citizenship being held in Iranian prisons will be released in the short term.

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