AYN Loki will be a low cost Windows gaming laptop (from the makers of the AYN Odin Android laptop)

The company behind Android-powered AYN Odin The portable game console announced that it is working on a new model with an almost identical design, but one key difference: AYN Loki is a gaming laptop running Windows.

According to a short teaser video, Loki will be “the most affordable handheld Windows ever created”.

It is not clear which processor will power the AYN Loki laptop. While other portable Windows gaming handsets typically feature Intel or AMD processors, it is quite possible that AYN promises a lower price because the company could use an ARM-based chip.

Besides, we have already seen that it is possible to run Windows in ARM software on an AYN Odin Pro that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, although this system is normally available with Android. That would certainly be one way to make the AYN Loki the most affordable handheld Windows to date, but it would probably also mean that the device would be one of the least powerful handhelds of the current generation of Windows.

And while AYN has not yet revealed detailed specifications for the upcoming Loki handheld device, the promotional video makes it clear that the new model is almost identical in size and shape to Odin. While this does not necessarily mean that the company stuck with an ARM-based processor, it is easy to imagine that changing the chips would require more serious redesign to make room for a different motherboard and additional cooling.

Of course, it is also possible that AYN He made find a way to compress a different processor inside the case. Maybe one of AMD’s upcoming “Mendocino” chips with Zen 2 CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics? They are designed for low-cost laptops, after all (although there is some speculation that these chips will have state-of-the-art graphics, but a low number of GPU cores that could make them bad for gaming).

In any case, given the physical similarities between the Odin and Loki handsets, it seems likely that the AYN Loki will have the same 5.98-inch, 1080p display panel as the Odin.

There’s a way the AYN Loki looks a little different from the Odin: the Android-backed company’s Odin has Nintendo X, A, B, Y action buttons, while the Loki will have an Xbox-style Y, Configuration B, A, X. This change makes sense for a Windows laptop, as the Microsoft operating system includes native support for Xbox controllers.

/ r / LokiHandheld (via u / TakiMaki_YT)

Other details we can learn from the video include that the USB-C port, audio jack and microphone remain unchanged, as do the other buttons, the analog joystick and the D-Pad.

As we do not yet have the full specifications for AYN Loki, here is an update on some basic specifications for AYN Odin:

AYN Odin Specifications
Display 5.98 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels
369 ppi
Dragontrail Glass
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (Base or Pro)

MediaTek Dimensity D900 (Lite)

GPU Adreno 630 (Base or Pro)

Mali-G68 MC4 (Lite)

PLUNGER 4 GB or 8 GB LPDDR4x (Base / Pro)

4 GB LPDDR4x (Lite)

Save 64 GB UFS 2.1 / 128 GB UFS 2.1 (Base / Pro)

64 GB UFS 2.1 (Lite)

ports 1 x HDMI
1 x USB 3.1 Type-C
Sound 1 x 3.5 mm
1 x microSD card reader
WiFi WiFi 5 (Base or Pro)

WiFi 6 (Lite)

Bluetooth BT 5.0 (Base or Pro)

BT 5.2 (Lite)

Battery 5,000 mAh / 6,000 mAh (Base / Pro)

5,000 mAh (Lite)

Software Android 10 (Base or Pro)

Android 11 (Lite)

Dimensions 224 x 95.2 x 15 mm – 23.7 mm
8.8 ″ x 3.75 ″ x 0.59 ″ – 0.93 ″
Price $ 197 – Odin Lite
$ 239 – Odin Base
$ 289 – Odin Pro

AYN Odin Lite and AYN Odin Base are available from the AYN website or crowdfunding campaign, but the company is still working on sending units to people who have previously supported the crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, you may want to check out the AYN Shipping Control Panel page or Indiegogo updates to understand how long it will take for orders to be placed now.

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