Atlantic Notes: Raptors, Durant, Brogden, Milton, Knicks

Atlantic Notes: Raptors, Durant, Brogden, Milton, Knicks

Atlantic Notes: Raptors, Durant, Brogden, Milton, Knicks

Possible price tag to get Kevin Durant Not what should be the most important RaptorsArgues National Post’s Scott Stenson, who says determining whether Durant will really be motivated and investing in playing for Toronto should be a crucial factor for the team’s leading decision-makers.

As Stevenson writes, Durant’s motivation to seek business outside of Brooklyn remains somewhat unmistakable, especially since he signed a four-year extension only in August. This should be of concern to the vice president and director of basketball operations Masai OjiriBecause dealing for a superstar who may not be involved or on the same page as the club, could be a disaster, according to Stenson.

Drawing parallels between Ujiri business Cavi Leonard The Durant Sweepstakes in the 2018 off-season now makes no sense, according to Stenson, because the conditions are not the same.

Leonard was sidelined with an injury that caused him to miss the entire 2017/18 season, was finally on contract, and led the Raptors teams. Kyle Lori And Demar Derozan Enough time was given for success in the East, but it did not pass LeBron James. The Raptors finished second in the East two years after Leonard left Toronto, so obviously the team remained competitive and did not pledge their future to get him, Stevenson writes.

Durant, on the other hand, has four years left in his contract, so obviously it will cost significantly more for his land, and the current version of the Raptors is higher with the Rookie of the Year. Scotty Barnes, Gary Trent Jr.And Precious Achiuwa Among the new additions that made a significant contribution to the team was an increase in the overall winning rate from 27 to 48. Just considering Durant’s stay away from the rising center might put Toronto in a hole that would be difficult to climb. From, Stevenson says.

Here are more from the Atlantic:

  • May play a small role in this Celtics Benefit Malcolm Brogden From a health point of view? “The point against him outside of college is that he had hard knees“A rival general manager told’s Steve Blippet.”I mean, some test takers were really skeptical in this context of how long his lower body would be able to afford NBA gondola. So he finished in the second round, because he was close to the red flag. So the fact of the matter is that he might be better off coming to the bench with limited minutes, trying to play 30 games at 18 instead of always trying to get injured. The question is how he will accept thisBoston reportedly sees Brogden as the sixth man, and he said immediately after the deal was announced that he was motivated to win the championship and was willing to sacrifice individual stats to improve the team. .
  • D. Anthony Milton Believes he’s the “big fit” for it Six, Writes Philadelphia Inquirer Gina Meisel (customer link). “Once I saw the team, I was like, ‘Well, this is a great placeMilton told The Inquirer by telephone last week. “This is very appropriate for me. “I know what this team needs. I know what this team is trying to do. I am ready for the job at hand. I am ready for anything to come“Milton was bought from Grizzlies in exchange for picking the No. 23 spot.”David Rudy) And Danny Green Day exchange in the draft.
  • Signing a free agent guard Jaleen Bronson Was a strong move for Knox But they still look like a playing team on paper, Ian and Connor comments to the New York Post. According to O’Connor, while Bronson is a good player and the Knicks will work over the years, neither he nor he. RJ Barrett Or Julius Randall The championship-caliber team has the potential to be the best – or second best – player, and without a bit of a drastic change, New York will start 2022/23 as “just another hard-hitting club”.

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