Apple’s self-repair program is said to be far from ideal for iPhone users

apple iphone repair right shows iphone and oneplus 9 pro with screwdriver set

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  • The Apple self-repair kit for iPhone weighs 36 kg and is available in two suitcases.
  • An author with The lip reported that the repair process was tedious with plenty of room for something very wrong.
  • Another reporter from The New York Times managed to break his iPhone trying to use Apple tools and instructions.

Updated: May 25, 2022 (9:22 pm ET): We’ve added more details on how to get the Apple Toolbox. We also mentioned another report from The New York Times on how Apple’s DIY instructions and tools may not be ideal for most users.

Original article: 25 May 2022 (12:41 AM ET): Apple recently released the DIY repair program, allowing iPhone users to repair their own devices by renting a repair kit from the company. If you thought this kit would consist of a few screwdrivers, pliers, twine and magnifying glasses, you would be making a big mistake.

When Sean Hollister from The lip recently started repairing his iPhone Mini, Apple sent him a toolbox in two suitcases weighing 36 kg (see below) to repair the tiny device! To be clear, Apple lists the contents and weight of the toolbox on the website where you rent it. The company blocks $ 1,200 in your credit card for the heavy toolbox. It also charges $ 49 for renting tools for a week and $ 69 for a new battery (this is The Verge’s the author was replacing). The thing is, Apple charges the same $ 69 charge for battery replacement at its own stores, except where a specialist does all the repair work.

So if you rent an Apple Toolbox for $ 49 and do not use your own, which is also an option, be sure to read the fine print and see which tools you are getting.

apple repair shot The Verge

That said, if you’re a DIY repair nerd, Apple has your back. The toolbox he sent to Hollister had everything we would need to assemble an iPhone, including a large, industrial-grade water heater and a huge spring press.

The chances of something going wrong are quite high.

The problem is that the process itself was full of challenges for the author. If you do not have experience in repairing phones, you may get stuck in the middle and the chances of it going wrong are quite high.

The iPhone did not recognize the genuine battery provided by Apple as genuine.

Apple sent a repair manual along with its huge toolbox. However, Holister still had some trouble fixing things. The manual was not useful when the heating machine displayed an error code. Unscrewing the iPhone’s tiny screws was also a job for Hollister, even with Apple’s “fancy torque guides”.

The “most frustrating part” of the repair process, according to the report, was that the iPhone did not recognize the genuine battery provided by Apple. He issued an “unknown section” warning and obviously, you have to call Apple’s third logistics company after the repair to validate the component. This is a completely different process that requires you to perform diagnostics on the iPhone and give the company remote control of your device.

Brian X. Chen by The New York Times also tried the Apple repair kit. This had to say:

Do-it-yourself Apple tools and instructions are not ideal for most of us. I know because I broke my phone trying to use them.

In fact, Chen was assisted by an independent telephone repair technician who said that Apple puts customers at a disadvantage.

Overall, the Apple repair process sounds pretty tedious. It is perhaps more of an obstacle to self-improvement than a step in the right direction.

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