Apple could already test the rumored USB-C iPhones

Apple could already test the rumored USB-C iPhones

Is it really happening this time?

With the typical stubbornness of Apple, the company has refused all these years to change the iPhone to a USB-C port. The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro series, as well as the SE 2022, are accompanied by the company’s exclusive Lightning port. Calls to Apple to switch its smartphones to USB-C were loud and clear from users, online versions, and even the European Union. A new rumor that is making the round says that the long-awaited move will finally take place in 2023 with the supposed release of the iPhone 15. Oil on Fire is now a new report that says that Apple is actually testing this change internally.

Sources tell Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that Apple has been testing iPhone models equipped with a USB-C charging port internally for at least the last few months. However, the iPhone 14 is said to be stuck with the Lightning plug this year, so any changes would not be made until 2023 at the earliest.


Not only would this change help the company comply with upcoming European regulations, but it would also bring the iPhone into line with Apple’s other hardware products – the iPad and Mac series got rid of Lightning ports years ago and now use USB-C instead. In addition, while the Type-C port is of course larger than the Lightning, it would also allow faster charging and transfer speeds if Apple decides to add it to its phones.

Apple is also working on an adapter that will allow new iPhone’s USB-C buyers to use their older Lightning accessories (though we’re sure iPhone owners will have enough Android friends to borrow one or two cables). When it comes out, it will probably have a similar shape to the famous Lightning to 3.5mm dongle it sent when it first removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Whether it will be included in the iPhone 15 case is another question and remains unanswered here.

Rumors of USB-C coming to the iPhone have been circulating for years, and while coming from a reporter with in-depth links to good information, it may not matter if next year’s iPhone includes door. However, if it really happens, it will be a new dawn on Apple’s Mac, iPad, accessories and iPhone ecosystems indeed.

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