A new set of desktop RPGs raises money for reproduction rights

A new set of desktop RPGs raises money for reproduction rights

With most large gambling companies giving either inadequate or no answers to the possible abolition of Roe vs. Wade In the United States, free desktop RPG developers are gaining traction. Today, Roll for romanceone Dungeons and dragons The podcast, in collaboration with more than 200 TTRPG creators, has released the Reproductive Rights TTRPG on itch.io.

“Reproductive rights are fundamental and non-negotiable human rights that we must fight for in order to protect,” the package description said.

The TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights package includes over 275 games worth over $ 1,000 for just $ 5. All proceeds from the sales benefit from the National Network for Abortion Funds and Scheduled Parents. One of the toys featured in the pack is The Abortionists, a LARP (or live-action role-playing game) that seems to touch the story of Jane Collective, a group of women in Illinois who offered underground abortion services in 1972 before. Roe vs. Wade abortions were legalized at the federal level.

TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights are not the only ones that support abortion rights. Following the announcement of the Supreme Court leak, Bungie became the first video game company to speak out, condemning the news and offering support to its employees.

“Bungie is committed to protecting the freedom and privacy of its employees and to providing support to all employees affected by this decision,” Bungie said in a statement. Psychonauts 2 Double Fine developer he also spoke saying“We firmly believe that a decision to overthrow Roe vs. Wade “They would deny people their human rights and directly affect the lives, freedoms and choices of everyone in this country.”

Itch.io has become the popular site for gambling charities. In March, the platform hosted a package for Ukrainian aid, earning more than $ 1 million on the first day. In 2020, the platform also raised more than $ 8 million in its racial justice and equality package, supporting the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Community Rescue Fund. TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights seem well on their way to similar success. Initially, the target for the package was $ 2,500, but after live for just over four hours, the target more than doubled. The TTRPGs package for Reproductive Rights expires on June 13.

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