2022 MLB All-Star Ray Finalist

2022 MLB All-Star Ray Finalist

2022 MLB All-Star Ray Finalist

Phase 1 results were revealed on the MLB network on Thursday. Leading voters in every league – the Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge in the American League and the brave outfielder in the National League Ronald Acona Jr. – made their team debut at the 92 Midsummer Classic at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Get a place in the lineup. Angeles on July 19th.

At the same time, the next four winners in each league (according to the number of votes) and the top two voters in each other position, including the chosen hitter, will advance to Round 2, which takes place on July 5. The afternoon ET begins and will continue until then. On July 8 at 2pm ET, the 2022 Chevrolet MLB All-Star Game was unveiled that night.

During this period, fans can vote once a day for whomever they want to see in the Midsummer Classic, and the total number of votes cast does not exceed 1 stage.

The Blue Jays lead the way with two finalists advancing to stage 2, followed by five finalists in addition to the brave Akuna, who has already secured his starting spot.

The pitches and reserves for both squads – a total of 23 players for each side – will be determined by a “player belt” selection and selection conducted by the commissioner’s office. The full list of all-stars will be announced on July 10 during the 2022 Chevrolet MLB All-Star selection.

Here are the MLB All-Star Rays finalists.

One of the top seven Blue Jays in the MLB to make it to stage 2, Kirk has posted 320 / .413 / .519 slashes this season with 10 homers and more powers (30). The 23-year-old also showed excellent pitch-making skills, ranking third on the strike level in polo line pitches, in the category where Trevino leads the majors. The Yankees had planned to go this season with Kyle Higashiwaka and Ben Rovertwood as their two catchers, but after Rotorwood stopped their block, New York got Trevino from the Rangers on April 2, and he won the MLB. Turned out to be a valuable contributor to the club. Best record. Trevino’s defense has always been his playing card, but the 29-year-old also differed with the bat this season, hitting .271 with a career-high six homer and .771 OPS.

Guerrero not only made his debut for AL in last year’s Midsummer Classic, he also won the All-Star Game MVP award in the middle of the best breakout season. The 23-year-old is fast approaching the 40 Homer mark again in 2022. He is up against France who hit .316 with 10 homers and 867 OPS but have been sidelined due to flexor pressure on his left side. Zangon is the Mariners ’first baseman looking for his first All-Star Hood.

Altuve has been a seven-time All-Star and four-time Starter, but he hasn’t made a debut for AL since 2018. The 32-year-old’s 150 OPS + is his best sign this season as he scored 160 OPS + during his AL MVP Award-winning 2017 campaign. Spinel, who ranks above average above second base leaders and hits .268 with five homers a year, earned another last spot in the keystroke for AL.

The starting position in the hot corner of the AL squad will be decided by a heavyweight fight between the two best bowlers of the game. At one corner is Ramirez, who leads the AL in RBIs (63) and hits .297 with 16 homers and 178 OPS +. On the other is Divers, with an average of .328 and 168 OPS + with 17 dangers. J-Ram has already started an All-Star game twice in 2017 and 2018, but Divers is responsible.

After receiving his first All-Star pick last year, Beacht will now try to close out his first start. His production began after a slow start, as he has recorded nine home runs, 27 RBIs and one .806 OPS in the last 39 games. The 24-year-old is competing against Anderson, who was knocked out of last year’s AL shortstop, Xander Bogaerts, for another final spot. The 2019 AL batting champion is in the mix for another crown, 340 with five homers, 10 steels and 139 OPS +. Like Beckett, Anderson formed the All-Star team in 2021 for the first time.

With the judge getting the right to pass the 2nd round and enter the AL-initiated lineup based on his league-leading vote total, the last two outings in the AL will drop to those four. Trout, Springer and Stanton are all-star game veterans who have combined for 16 choices – nine by Trout, three by Springer and four by Stanton. At the same time Gorilla is looking to form an All-Star team for the first time.

MLB leader in slugging (.658) and OPS (1.070), Alvarez won the 2019 AL Rookie of the Year award but never made the All-Star team. The 25-year-old, who is being assessed for the corner after a horrific collision with shortstop Jeremy Pina on Wednesday, will be the second young player in All-Star Game history to start at DH after the 2014 Stanton. If he passes the ruling AL MVP. Ohtani was very good in June, running six homers, 17 RBIs and a .973 OPS on the plate and a 1.52 ERA, 38 K’s and seven on the hill.

Contreras, an NL starter in both 2018 and 2019, has a career-best season with free agency this winter. Cabs Backstop owns a personal high 154 OPS + and leads all catchers with 13 homers. d’Arnaud is not far behind with 11 dangers, and he improved to 151 points in his 2021 OPS (.671) this year, positioning himself to make his first All-Star team.

Goldschmidt formed the NL All-Star team in six consecutive seasons from 2013-18 and started three times during that time (once as NL DH after he formed the team as a reserve). ), But it will be his first choice in four seasons. The Cardinals have a 34-year batting average (.342) and an even base percentage (.424) and are leading the NL in slugging (.630) and OPS (1.054). He has some strong competition for this starting position, though, as Alonso is tied for the NL lead at Homer (22) and has more RBIs (69) than anyone else at Major.

In their history, only four Marlins players have started an All-Star game: Hanley Ramirez (three times), Gian Carlo Stanton (twice), Marcel Ozona (twice) and Gary Sheffield (once). With Albis on the 60-day injured list after breaking his left leg in mid-June, Chesholm has a good chance of finishing fifth, although he went to the IL on Wednesday due to right lower back pressure. . Chesholm, 24, recorded 14 burglaries, 12 robberies and 139 OPS + before his injury.

All-Star Voting Phase 2 will see their top two races go head-to-head in deciding to start a third baseman in the NL. Machado and Arenado have formed 11 All-Star teams and together have won 11 Gold Globe Awards, and both have excellent seasons for the post-season competition in 2022.

Before they both enter the free agent market this season, Turner and Swanson will be square-footed to decide the starting shortstop in the NL. Both have remarkably similar seasons – Turner hit .309 with 11 homers, 15 steels and a .849 ops, while Swanson has a .295 batting average, 13 homers, 11 steels and a .844 ops.

Currently in the IL with a right rib fracture, Bates was the NL’s leading vote-getter after the first and second Round 1 updates, but he eventually left the place to Aquana. As a result, he will have to compete with Pederson, Mart and Dowell to get one of the last two outfield places in the NL starting lineup. The Bates ’five-career All-Star picks are two more than the Pedersen, Mart and Dowell combined. Bates has started the Midsummer Classic three times, all with the Red Sox during that time.

Referred to the DH job for several years due to a broken UCL in his right dagger, Harper delivered similar attacking numbers to his NL MVP award-winning season a year ago. However, he is out at an indefinite time after being infected with a broken left finger in a hit-by-patch, which could open the door for Contras to get a DH start for NL. To do. The 24-year-old has soaked nine homes and produced 899 OPS this season while splitting time between DH and Catcher for Atlanta. If both Contreras brothers end up on the NL team, they will be the first pair of brothers to make an All-Star team in the same year since Brett and Aaron Bone in 2003, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The last brothers to start an All-Star game in the same year? Cindy Almar Jr. and Roberto Almar in 1992.

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